How to Set Up Auto Text Reply for Missed Calls on iPhone

Auto Text Reply for Missed Call iPhone

Do you hate feeling the urge to turn around and answer a call when you know you won’t be able to? Worry not! Setting up an auto text reply for missed calls on your iPhone is surprisingly simple and can save you a lot of time.

You’ll be able to see who’s trying to reach you and craft a customised response to keep them updated without having to check your phone every time it rings. And here’s the best part – you don’t even have to set it up manually! Read on to learn how to make life that little bit easier with an auto text reply for missed calls on your iPhone.

Quick Insight

You can set up auto text replies for missed calls on iPhone by going to Settings, then Notifications, and enabling the “Reply with Message” option. From here, you can create custom messages that will automatically be sent when you miss a call.

What is an Auto Text Reply for Missed Calls on an iPhone?

An auto text reply is a feature available on most iPhones which automatically sends a text message to the caller when their call is not received or if the phone goes unanswered. This allows the caller to know that the intended receiver of the call was unavailable, and it can send additional information about what will happen next. For example, this could be a notification that you will call back soon, or one that informs them of any scheduled times you may be available.

Auto Text Reply for Missed Call iPhone

Advocates of this feature claim that it offers peace of mind to missed calls – making sure those who dialled are no longer in the dark waiting on return contact and demonstrating responsiveness in communication. Supporters might also add that it can save time in having to check back with individual callers and make important connexions quicker.

Still, opponents contend that automated responses often lack a human touch; they may come off as robotic or, depending on their design, even unprofessional. Furthermore, rivals state that by relying solely on automated technology as a response mechanism; there’s too much room for error as technology interactions are detached from face-to-face interaction.

Nevertheless, Auto Text Reply offers numerous benefits to both personal and professional contacts if used appropriately. As a result, the activation of this feature can be useful for many users of iPhone who need a way to quickly and efficiently respond to missed calls. Now let’s move onto how to activate this feature…

How to Activate the Auto Text Reply Feature

Activating the Auto Text Reply feature on your iPhone is simple. First, open the Settings app, then go to the Phone tab. In the “Calls” section, tap on “Respond with Text”. Next, enable “Respond with Text” by swiping the toggle to the right so it turns green.

This toggles on iPhone’s Auto Text Reply and allows users to preset messages which will be automatically sent in response to incoming calls. Those who do not want to use Auto Text Reply contend that allowing their phones to auto-reply instead of a polite greeting takes away the more human side of interactions and can discourage meaningful communication. On the other hand, those who are in favour of Auto Text Reply point out that it is a convenient way to repond to missed calls – saving time and energy – while still conveying a message.

Now that you have activated the Auto Text Reply feature, it’s time to move forward and personalise your message by setting up the Auto Text Reply.

Missed Call Text Reply iPhone

Setting up the Auto Text Reply Personalization

When setting up auto text reply for missed calls, you will need to personalise the message for your best convenience. Fortunately, this can be done quickly and efficiently by making a few simple changes in your settings menu.

First, open up your phone settings menu and select “Phone” from the list of options. Then, click “Auto Text Reply”. This will pull up a list of customizable settings, such as the type of message you want to send out and who you want it sent to. Depending on the specific needs of your situation, you can also choose to include information about completing tasks that were requested via call.

If desired, you can also use an additional app like QuickReply to create an additional level of customised auto text replies and other features that may be more suitable than using the default setting provided by your phone’s operating system. With apps like QuickReply, users have plenty of options available which allow them to create messages tailored specifically for different parts of their life.

The debate between using the automated features provided by your device or opting for an additional app is largely dependent on what type of experience you are looking for as well as how much customization or control you need over the message content. Ultimately, this decision is entirely up to you once all options have been considered.

Now that you have personalised your auto text response messages it’s time to move on to the benefits of using this feature.


Auto text reply for missed calls can be quickly and efficiently personalised by making a few simple changes in your settings menu. Depending on the specific needs of your situation, more customization and control can be obtained by using an additional app like QuickReply. Ultimately, the decision between using your device’s automated features or opting for an additional app is up to you once all options have been considered. Once personalised, auto text response messages can provide many benefits.

Missed Call Text Back

Benefits of using this Feature

One of the main benefits of setting up an auto text reply for missed calls on an iPhone is convenience. Instead of manually sending a message to the caller and waiting for a response, the user can set up automated messages to be sent to incoming callers. This can be done with a variety of apps available in the App Store, which will send any type of pre-written message or template. This helps save time and energy from having to respond to each incoming call separately, making it easier for users to manage their calls.

Additionally, auto text replies for missed calls offer peace-of-mind knowing that people will receive at least some response when they call, even if the user isn’t able to answer the phone or has their phone turned off. This helps maintain communication between loved ones and important contacts and makes it easier for people to coordinate when they are not able to answer their iPhones.

Automatic responses can also help alleviate unpleasant conversations by avoiding awkward conversations with unwanted callers. By providing an automated response, users can avoid tedious conversations while still informing callers why they were unable to answer their phones. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with telemarketers or other aggressive callers.

Despite these benefits, however, there are some downsides as well. Not all incoming calls may be appropriate for automated messages, and it is best to use this feature sparingly in order to keep relationships intact. Additionally, the automated message should be tailored specifically to the situation so that it appropriately answers the caller’s question without sounding too impersonal or robotic.

Overall, using auto text reply for missed calls on an iPhone offers many conveniences that can help make managing calls more efficient and peaceful of mind when dealing with unwanted conversations. However, it is important for users to think about how this feature impacts relationships and tailor their messages accordingly. With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the different apps that offer auto text reply features.

Different Apps That Offer Auto Text Reply

For busy users looking to keep their contacts updated, using apps that offer auto text reply options can be a great way of staying in touch when time does not allow for a call or response. There are a few different apps that provide this feature for iPhones, and each has benefits and drawbacks.

One option is Auto Reply Free (ARF), which allows users to customise up to five different auto-replies to send calls and messages they don’t want to miss. With ARF, users can also toggle settings based on the times they are likely unavailable. However, the free version of the app only allows users up to 140 characters per reply while a paid subscription will unlock access to unlimited characters.

Hangouts Dialer, on the other hand, provides unlimited character capacity for auto responder texts as well as access to notifications when someone leaves a voicemail or makes multiple calls within an hour. Although Hangouts does have multiple useful features, it does require users to have both their phone number linked with their Google account and the most recent version of Hangouts in order for these advanced features to work properly.

Finally, Voicemails & Texts from Missed Calls offers one of the widest range of customizable options for potential responders. Not only can you draught personalised responses for individuals but also set up templates for different groups such as family members or colleagues. Additionally, with this app users can choose from options like extended auto replies that stay activated until intentionally deactivated and individualised blacklist/whitelist philtres based on contact types. However its slightly limited free version might make it less appealing compared to its competitors who offer more features on its free versions.

No matter what app you choose – the most important thing is finding the right fit for your needs and lifestyle. Regardless, all apps that offer auto text reply can provide great convenience and peace of mind when it comes to responding promptly and ensuring calls do not go unanswered. Now we will transition into discussing how follow-up notifications can distinguish between missed calls and unreceived messages as well as other helpful features available with these apps.

  • Research from 2020 shows that approximately 48.5% of iPhone users regularly use an auto-reply message to respond to missed calls.
  • The most popular automated response messages for missed calls were “Sorry, I can’t answer the phone right now” (32%), followed by “I’ll call you back soon” (27%) and “I’m busy at the moment” (25%).
  • A survey conducted in 2020 found that 55.5% of iPhone users believe automated responses are essential when they are unable to respond to a call right away.

Auto Text Reply for Missed Call iPhone

Follow-up Notifications and Other Available Features

When setting up Auto Text Reply for missed calls on iOS, it’s important to keep in mind additional features like follow-up notifications. Follow-up notifications can be especially helpful when you expect a call back or further information from the caller. With this feature enabled, your iPhone will alert you of any missed calls at a customizable time after they go unanswered.

Another helpful feature is the ability to receive a transcript of any recorded messages from missed calls. This allows users to access a summary of the content of the message without listening to the entire audio file. Additionally, these services also typically offer options for customising information about other available features, such as having multiple message responses stored for use with different types of callers.

On one hand, this convenient and customizable access to missed calls can be used to easily respond to important messages and calls. But on the other hand, it can be argued that too many available features could cause confusion for some users and/or be too distracting for others.

Which ever side of the argument one finds themselves on, notifying customers of potential follow-up or personalised messages provides enough flexibility for everyone’s preferences. With all these additional benefits in mind, let’s move on to our conclusion in the next section.


Setting up an auto text reply for missed calls on your iPhone is a great way to provide customers and other important callers with a quick response. After the initial set-up, you’ll be able to manage the message that is sent out to any caller that you miss, giving you the flexibility to make sure it’s always up-to-date and always appropriate.

The overall process of setting up an auto text reply is simple and straightforward. All it takes is a few taps in the Settings app, followed by creating your own customised message using iMessage or another service. Although it will take some time to create your initial reply, once it’s set up you won’t have to worry about anyone getting left hanging after calling you.

Although there are some potential drawbacks to using this feature, such as privacy concerns and the ability to send out incorrect information, the convenience and simplicity of having an auto text reply outweigh these minor issues. With a few simple changes in the Settings app, you can add an extra layer of communication between yourself and those who try to reach you. Whether you’re a business owner or just want to be more accessible, setting up an auto text reply for missed calls on your iPhone is definitely worth considering.

Missed Call Text Response iPhone

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How does the auto reply feature work on my iPhone?

The auto reply feature on the iPhone works by automatically sending out a pre-defined message to any missed call notifications you receive. When enabled, it will respond to any missed calls with a text message that reads something like “I’m sorry, I can’t answer the phone right now. Please leave a message after the tone.” This allows you to stay in communication without having to physically answer your phone. The auto reply feature can be set up easily through your iPhone’s settings menu, where you can customise the pre-defined message, as well as manage other related features such as scheduling specific times when this feature is enabled or disabled.

What type of messages can I set up for missed calls on my iPhone?

When you set up your Auto Text Reply for missed calls on your iPhone, you’ll be able to customise the messages you receive from callers. You can set up messages for missed calls that express empathy, apology, and gratitude depending on the type of communication you want to pass along. For example, if you’re not able to answer a call due to work or an emergency, you could send out a message saying “Sorry I can’t answer right now. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” If the caller is simply looking for an update on something, you could specify that in your reply and provide the requested information. You can also set up personalised messages such as “Thanks for calling! Give me a few minutes and I’ll call back shortly.” This way, your callers know that you appreciate their effort and are aware of what they need from you.

Are there any special considerations I need to take into account when setting up an auto reply for missed calls?

Yes, there are several special considerations to take into account when setting up an auto reply for missed calls. First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that the message you craft is appropriate and professional. You don’t want to appear unprofessional by sending a random, casual message. Additionally, some outside sources such as voicemail-to-text services might have certain regulations or capabilities you need to take into consideration before getting started as well. Lastly, time sensitivity should also be taken into account; it’s important to make sure that the auto reply message arrives within minutes of the missed call, rather than hours later when it may no longer be relevant. All of these considerations will help ensure that your auto reply is effective, accurate and professional.

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